Motivation and goals!

Asian bet

Good morning,

Interesting matches in our current coupon, from which we can once again lead to profits.


The most beautiful and interesting show of the day. Italy will face Portugal, with the hosts only wanting the win to get to the top. On the other hand, the Iberians are enough to draw. The match is expected to have pace and goals despite the fact that both teams traditionally play "closed". Over pays very well and is our choice.

Both Albania and Scotland only want a win, chasing the Israeli group champion. The lead is on the guests, who despite their absence show that they have a better set and can get the win, which in fact pays very well.

Very strong match in Turkey, which will host Sweden for the Nations League. Both teams will look for victory, chasing Russia in the top spot in the group. Both the Turks and the Swedes have very good teams and will look for a goal, with good chances of scoring with good quality attacks.


Italy - Portugal
Albania - Scotland
Tourkey - Sweeden

O 2.5
G / G