Motivation for the majority ... (FUND - 6,10)


Classic in Friday's Warming:

# Well holds Orleans series 8 match unbeaten run 4 / 5 wins at -4 since 6 team plays mostly motivated ... irreversible Red Star situation doesn't fall for 3 last .

# The Paris Super Momentum counts as soon as 1 defeats 14 inside has not conceded goals at 3 more recently ... in prolonged debut Ausser has touched 5 defeats at 6 last with a 1-6 finisher.

# Without a clear favorite, Hoffenheim - Leverkusen are rightly sharing the set of odds ... both will look for a goal in the locker room with any appeals to score and whatever they want.

# Boundary lead in Malaga (no win over 19 in January) has the chance to go straight up ... in racing rush Gijón runs 5 series wins in all games.

# Hit the 34 points Girona has no issues staying on track ... Bilbao's program sees Europe play exclusively for the win. one click to the right for both playability and performance.

# Definitely out of the title Boca scoring 2,5 goals with one goal to go in the first place in the "Bonbonera" ... Banfield has a hard time keeping things in the back of the net.


Orleans - Red Star
Hoffenheim - Leverkusen
Boca J. - Banfield

goal / goal


Paris FC - Auxerre
Girona - Bilbao
Malaga - Gijon

TG 2-3