Social good …

Social good is football. Such as aspirin, theater, music, bread, orange that sells supermarket, hospital, school, orphanage. Social good means that it is an offer to society that has a value and you buy it or give it to you.

Chatting on the occasion that tonight we will see a European ball, that is, real and not just professional papers. To be more precise we will see product, business spectacle, with the involvement of professionals. By presumption of the best in the world. The champions league level football is without a doubt the best on the planet.

UEFA and FIFA are the bosses in world football. Two confederations with a cloak of amusement, that is how things came to be and they work perfectly commercially. By the rules of the market. They are selling their product, which is not just football, but the project of organizing football matches. The FIFA World Cup, the European Cups or UEFA. They are selling, we mean taking advantage of the business. They do very well.

Listen to what the old say. The romance in the story, the politicized people who talk about the commercialization of sports, and so on. I'm saying that business means health. And the more organized the product, the better for the consumer. The football fan, in the case. UEFA is kidding, why not? It is also a power, it is no different. It is inevitable that some will pocket thick pockets, because the whole ice cream is not made over the table.

It matters that we see the ball. They don't work for us. There are few games that do not compensate us. And that's because businesses keep corruption out of the court. The willow. The cabin. The elegance. Greatly.