Great groovy…

With them and with them, with the exit from memoranda, elections or non-elections in Greece, the nomenclature for Macedonia and all the recent upheavals, the phase of co-organizing the Euro or the Mundial from the Balkan countries and Greece has been halfway ( with Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania). Badly! Certainly everyone likes and deserves the potential of the European Championship (2028) and much more of the World Championship (2030) in the Balkans and Greece, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria.

Some may not have taken it seriously when there was talk of a joint nomination by the four countries, many chirping at Tsipras for words of the air, but all show that this is not the case. It seems that it is a decision taken by the leaders of the four states to exhaust in every way the possibility of undertaking such an event in four countries that on their own would never succeed!

Of course such an endeavor automatically entails in addition to tremendous responsibility and tremendous preparation, collaboration, organization and endless hours of work. Something that the four specific countries are clearly not famous for, though in the end they present - when called upon - a flawless picture at their events.

Such a nomination, of course, presupposes many other things. But Greece has the immense experience and know-how from the 2004 Olympics, which is a great vantage point for this attempt. Bulgaria and Romania have millions of workers' hands (and even cheaper in principle, as in Greece anymore) to develop the project. Serbs, the outsiders in international fora. All four countries have, and above all, excellent transnational relations.

In addition FIFA and UEFA will see with such interest such a possibility, since the conduct of a major football event from more than one country at one time became ... fashion. Originally it was the Netherlands (the Netherlands and Belgium), which co-hosted the European 2000 Championship. Austria-Switzerland followed 2008 and most recently 2012 with Poland - Ukraine to co-organize 14 Euro 2012.

The benefits and, above all, the benefits of a joint venture in all four countries (which are true for their needs) are enormous (growth, jobs, tourism, economy, etc.). Of course, as is always the case with such ventures, there are many dangers besides hooliganism, alcohol and other dangerous situations that are 'blossoming' in football.

All these are issues that will be of concern and will certainly be discussed when the time comes. At the moment we are staying in the formalization of some sort of 'news' and with the hope that we will have the opportunity to live so close to us - next to us in essence - such a great event. Which of course will have a lot of 'goodies' for us, with the first and better possibility of being able to say 'I was there'.

For the sake of history, as stated by Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, a 16 committee will be set up, comprising four representatives from each country, with the application to be submitted by December 2021.

If such a move is made, however, it will be the greatest opportunity, probably the last, for Greek football to come out of the quagmire. 2004 went unused, if Greece does the trick and organizes such a celebration and misses its chance, better to be banned after the ball in the country where the red orange goes.