Against, favorite and derby! (FUND - 4,90)

Asian bet

His match Panathinaikos by Star takes place at 12 o'clock. Go full to postpone the match due to 5 covid cases in PAO. Eventually the sixth test was not found, the regulation says normal running of the race. Asteras does not have Iglesias in the mission but otherwise goes for a double in OAKA. At 3,60 the victory over the decimated PAO, at 1,675 the double opportunity (A / H +0,5). And only the standard, and in the trio the double opportunity!

In Faliro o Olympic which has ten more solutions than AEK, better form, better roster and the cheese of the title before the eyes welcomes a Union that goes from gel to victory and from victory to gel with the speed of a Japanese train. Derby, but the situation by far shows an ace. At 1,75 eligible.

In Italy the Milan continues undefeated and undefeated, and is tested in the seat of the dignified Benevento. The game has difficulties, but you are not afraid of Milan and let it miss Zlatan, the young Hauge is doing well, the substitutes of the super-Swede as well. Double of 1,675 (A / H -0,5).


Olympiacos - AEK
Panathinaikos - Asteras Trip.
Benevento - Milan

(X2) & (AH +0,5)
2 (AH -0,5)


Panathinaikos - Asteras Trip.