Top event…

Football, the biggest and cheapest popular entertainment on the planet. And cinema, of course. Two manufactured products, manufactured to strictly business specification. Carabinieri capitalism, as dictated by the philathemonic public. It's no different.

Tonight, the matchmakers start in the top event, among the companies. In the European champions league, another project is the national team tournaments. But why is this European show performing so well? Tiga and francs are endless from the TV revenues and the multinational packages that represent the "sponsors". Because the spectacle is Hollywood. And the numbers are rising.

1955 created the pseudo-democratic cup of Europe with the champions of each country. Another, of this football nature, a social event in the name of trying to make countries forget about war and their differences. Yes, but it was a job with the right teams and plaque. Low cost. From amateur, scout championships.

The project evolved into the financial miracle with the champions league from 1992. First with 16 club after qualifying, then with 24 and then with 32. From 4 teams give directly to Spain, England, Germany and Italy. Correct!

People want to watch great football. Quality and exciting. With non-stop action on 90. To rouse the other from the armchair, not the match to work like a hypnotic pill.

Well, this is not done with players in teams that cannot compete at a high level. Anyway, with teams unable to do business on site. It is done only with the best, that is, the most expensive football players and coaches on the pitch. Vendée club contracts with stadiums jealous of famous actors and rock stars.