Top rated by Luca Montric ...

Unquestionably triumphant of her awards FIFA for the top of the 2017-2018 season is Luca Montrich.

Since he had + 10% difference from Christian Ronaldo and + 18% from Salah. Behind Bappe the Messi! The Real Madrid Croat has been named top at the World Football Federation's gala on Monday night in London, with Messi and Cristiano not giving the "present" since they would only receive their top X award by FIFPro.

Luka Modric won 29,05% of the vote, compared to 19,08% for Ronaldo and 11,23 for Mohamed Salah (who won the Puskas Award for his goal against Everton). Mohamed Salah was the big winner in terms of the best goal of last season, with FIFA giving him the relevant award for his "painting" in the Liverpool derby with Everton. The Egyptian defeated Lazaros Christodoulopoulos, who was also a candidate in the category, and received his award at the World Football Federation event in London.

But perhaps the most impressive news of the night was another, namely the choice of the 31-year-old Argentine to include for the first time in his votes Cristiano Ronaldo: giving 1 point to Portugal, 2 to Ebape and 3 to Montrich. It is noted that since 2011 when he has the right to vote as the leader of the Argentine national team, "Pulga" chose players who come either from his club (Barcelona) or from the national team of his country (Argentina).

The rest of 10ada and the percentage of votes they won were as follows:

4.Bap (10,52%) 5.Mass (9,81%) 6.Green (6,69%) 7.Azar (5,65%) 8.De Brunei (3,54%) 9.Bar (3,45%) 10 .

Mourinho's wreck never got a vote at the FIFA Awards.

Huge failure for Jose Mourinho in yesterday's FIFA vote as the Portuguese technician did not get a single vote! Jose Mourinho does not spend the best time on the Manchester United bench, but he certainly did not expect to find him and what happened last night at the FIFA awards. In the vote for the best coach, Didier Dessan took first place in the fact that he led France to the conquest of the World.

José Mourinho also took part in the vote, but saw the process complete without anyone voting for it! There is no doubt a ... wreck for Special One, who is trying to rebuild his training profile, but to no avail.

Dreamy 2018 where the Croatian hub became the proof of ... football justice.

He was the man credited with a huge part of Tottenham's success in returning to European competitions. Yes, even though he was with Garrett Bale, who had just begun to make a Premier League debut and "travel" under his own name, he had Harry Rednap on the edge of the Spurs bench, he had Rafael van der Faart for the company and Real made it for 35 million.

His excellent performances had been preceded by the jersey of the Croatian national team at the 2012 Euro in Poland and Ukraine, though he did not advance beyond the group stage, where he faced Spain and Italy.

So that summer, six years ago, Marca had its readers vote on the worst transcript of the summer in all major La Liga teams. Guess who came first ...

With José Mourinho on the edge of the queen's bench, he was unable to adapt to the new, much more demanding data for him, in the Santiago Bernabeu. He could not get established in the basic plans of his coach, even speaking in the newspaper of his home country, «Sportske» had stated: "So it's in big clubs like Real. I realize there is tremendous pressure to succeed, especially when you are a new member of the summer transfer team. I'm not looking for excuses, I'm not that kind of person. But the challenge is to adapt to Real data. I had some good games, but I think I can do even better things. "

Having said that, he had confirmed that he really had to make a lot of effort, but it didn't help at all, and the fact that he had opened more 15 points than pioneer Barcelona, ​​so all the pressure on Real had an even greater impact. a player like Montrich, who got better and the team was unable to respond as he should.

At 2018 last year, Luke Monticz is considered a worthy winner of the FNF 2017-2018 season's best prize, having done great things in the time that was taken into consideration in the World Football Tournament poll, ... Ronaldo and Messi on individual discrimination.