Crash Test…


CL group phase ... 6ηsecond act of racing.

Shakhtar Donetsk - Lyon with premium 5% * and countless special bets on Sportingbet!

# Test match for Ajax on Dutch soil builds tradition against Germans, undefeated this year in the Champions League runs 7-4-0 while in case of victory it finishes first in the group and avoids the big ones ... Reaction is expected to score at least 1 times in the meeting.

# Scorpions and spectacles at Olympics the Stachar-Lyon match with both good scoring goals and scoring goals ... at the moment the Ukrainians only want a win while the French are in the draw.

# The difference between the two teams is chaotic, there is no comparison ... Jung Bois at 5 match has just gotten 1b. (Tue. 2-11) ... Juventus want to win even if half way through the first half of the season.


Ajax - Bayern M.
Shakhtar D. - Lyon
Young Boys - Juventus

goal / goal