Creme de la Creme…

He gets up on an empty stomach in the morning and does not open the fridge. Why open it? He knows it is empty, and nothing stupid is playing. The person is capable of everything. Because he is hungry. Because he doesn't have to eat. And if necessary, he will steal, betray, blackmail and even kill.

Champions league. What is this; The cream of the football industry is. And because cream de la creme is limited to 5 - 6 groups. And because they need at least 25 - 30, they will also have B 'and C' sorting clubs from the first and second levels.

Great deal for AEK and PAOK to move into the champions league. For mortar, of course, for berries only. We are not talking about the glory of the thing and the high distinction. This is for the platform. Fuck the fan when he doesn't understand. That is, to have the requirement to play ball, to offer spectacle to his team, even when it is Greek. Not European.

We call European any nationality that has a background in Europe. AEK and PAOK are local, not European, because they blow their nose in the champions league every 20 and 30 years.

So you say. The European club is doing its best to increase its revenues by attending the champions league. The Greek team is circulating with the agony of throwing in the glittering event and whatever it grabs. For the abuser.

The timeless Jew says it from the get-go. Survival first. The primary dogma of life, from biblical times, is survival. Let's eat first, and then everything else. Not to be forced to derail. Let's get it wrong. To hurt the other. And God punish us.

For the Greek team, the champions league is a big package for the Greek team .. Even the europa league finale. It is not true that the team has no income, to cut his throat the president to push them. No, sir. If the boss puts his hand in the pocket, then it is most likely an adventurer. Suspect. Dangerous.

Boss means managing the brand's business and any team dynamics. We have capitalism. It will move on with the projected revenue of the store, with no baker's tale donations, charities. These grassroots folk bases are cunning. Yes on the grassroots basis if it really does. With gossip, hooliganism and culture Great, God, take the PAE and put the money in the ass, the grassroots base is an audience of the cheater Cheovola said, all right.

So AEK with Vidi and PAOK with Benfica will play for the result. As I write it and as you read it. For the paycheck. For the champions league package, not to show off their team. PAOK defensively made 3 - 0 out in Basel. AEK defended twice by Celtic. The same work will be done again. And God of football, be good.