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# In closed doors, the match in Toumba is difficult for PAOK to overtake without its fans, it does not press well, it is at -10 from the top, it has hit gaps in the defense, this year it is in danger of being left out of the 4th group. Stand by in the Europa League, Olympiakos has been refreshed, it simply has a roster and the best attack in the league, scoring 3,5 goals per game.

# 12 matches undefeated in all competitions Eindhoven "bite" the point in the derby with Ajax maintains the absolute home (7-0-0 ter.18-3)… opens the games Alkmaar counts 6/7 over plays inside out for victory.

# Whipped cream Feyenoord plays with the tradition in its favor, sees the top while in the last 5 has conceded only 1 goal; with a lowered head, Zwolle leaves this field as in 7 visits he has not even scored the goal of honor.

# Paris - Marseille in the French Super Cup knockout the match is considered the first title of the year, in case of a tie, direct penalties follow. Unrealistic set will fall body has value or cons.

# In the press, Tottenham, being the 2nd best defense in PL, is running 8/9 unbeaten tournament victories… 5 draws in a row Fulham (of which 3 are white) may endure a half time.

# Clearing accounts Santos - Boca 2th semifinal Copa Libertadores (0-0 in the first match) odds are well balanced… difficult to predict a point the rule of away goals applies.

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PAOK - Olympiacos
Eindhoven - Alkmaar
Feyenoord - PEC Zwolle

goal / goal


PSG - Marseille
Tottenham - Fulham
Santos FC - Boca Juniors

during 2,5