African Cup…

After Copa America, another big summer event, the African Cup of Nations, plays ball in Egypt and will be keeping us company until 19 July, when the grand final will take place. You don't want anything more summer, Latin and African football for all tastes! Big pies? and for the gambler, huh?

And if we said two chats about Copa America, let's look at Africa's battle with two eyes! Where 24 groups take part, divided into 6 groups. QNUMX top teams from each group qualify and 2 the best 4 thirds!

The favorite to win the trophy is Egypt, of course, Africa's most European country! Following are Senegal, Ghana and Nigeria that remain strong even though they are not the fears of the past. The top scorers are Liverpool, ... sorry, much to Salah and second to Mane (both Liverpools).

Let's take a look at 24, at least per group.

In the first group: Egypt is a host and will have enormous support from its fans, its roster is quality and aiming for a positive start to the group. On the other hand, Zimbabwe is clearly inferior in most areas, expected to play defensively and strike back. The Democratic Republic of the Congo found them dark in the qualifiers, but in the last race managed to steal the qualification, but often with a modest performance. Uganda finally made it to the qualifiers, and at the rehearsal before the start of the event, it won the Ivory Coast in a friendly with 1-0.

In Group B: Nigeria is one of the favorites to win the trophy, it has experienced players but also many young people with rich talent and mainly consists of a group of players with tremendous speed and athleticism. Burundi has already made a qualifying bid. Making a debut in the final will hardly show any resistance to the more experienced teams. Guinea is among the teams that have been undefeated! It has a good set and is based on the excellent trinity of center with Keita, Kamara, Diwara. Madagascar will be in the final of the competition for the first time and this in itself is considered a success, while its players are largely unknown.

In Group C: Senegal is one of Egypt's two biggest cup-winning favorites and wants to get the first trophy in its history with a high quality roster. Tanzania, after all, is the weakest group in the group and only the second time in Copa Africa is a success. Algeria is the absolute favorite to cap Senegal's top two spots. He is in great form and has been counting five wins (friendly / official) in the last six games and has been losing since October at 2018. Kenya has the top spot for third place, a team with a defensive philosophy but lacking in quality.

In Group D: Morocco takes first place in the qualifiers and goes to the Egyptian stadiums with a high morale. It has experienced players and is expected to be one of the favorites to reach the semi-finals. Namibia made the surprise, qualifying finals and will look for a maiden victory in Copa Africa. C Αte d'Ivoire does not have the momentum of the past yet looking to find its footsteps in the post-Drogba era, as there is no leader to face the difficult. But he does have good midfielders who can score. Finally, South Africa come off the bench with just two passive goals, with the suspense being its strength and against an equivalent team it will fight for second place!

In Group E: With Tunisia's experienced Alain Zires on the bench, he enters the tournament confidently thanks to all three wins in the last friendly and most notably 2-1 in Croatia. Angola is in a transition phase after a decade-long outburst. Strange climate with players interrupting Monday training demanding to clear up the issue of bonuses and get paid! Mali was in danger of being out of the tournament last week due to major internal problems in his federation, and it was only on Sunday and under pressure from the African Football Federation that he got the OK to play. Mauritania, with enthusiasm and knowing that it has nothing to lose, will try to take advantage of the opportunity.

In Group F: Zendorf's Cameroon with stars Chupo Moting, Tokyo Ekabi and evergreen Kameni are qualifying favorites, not particularly likely to overcame. In better shape looks like Ghanaian Apia, with Atsu, Ogusu, Saint brothers, Gyan and many more seeming to be able to form a team to claim the title! Benin and Guinea-Bissau are more likely to complement the group than they are capable of claiming, with inexperienced children mostly staffing their international rosters.