La Liga…

It didn't surpass the Premier League (1,549 billion), but with the 1,269 billion invested in the summer market, La Liga approached it threateningly to take over the reins. This is a relative record in the history of the Spanish league and a huge increase in spending over the 887,9 million that Iberians paid last year to help them. And in the case of football, money is true that brings enough happiness to those who have had to invest.

Barcelona remain tied and thus the big favorite to win the title, as long as Messi is super. Real and Atletico have largely changed their roster and are in transition. The climate in Rohiblanco and Curious in the Merengues, which have grown stronger but still far from becoming the team that Zidane wants, look best. On the contrary, Simeone, despite the total renewal, seems to have a better base for the miracle.

But in general, Primera is expected to play the most technical ball of all the world championships this year too, with the Spaniards always having the advantage of the unpredictable with respect to the ... sprouts that go away unexpectedly every year and can make a difference. But until we see the unknown talents, we will wait anxiously for Azar, Joao Felix, De Jong to do their own.

Paid: 255 million
Received: 108,6 million
He has won the title four times in the last five years and wants to repeat it for the third consecutive year. He kept Valverde, paid for the Gryzman clause, didn't go crazy with Neymar, and logically sent Koutinho to Bayern. She spent a fortune on her support, with De Jong, Phirpo bringing youth and a future. But the question is always what situation Messi will find himself in. Copa America has not been properly prepared, as has Luis Suarez.

Atletico MADRID
Paid: 243,5
Received: 311,1
Two consecutive seasons ends 2, but the miracle can't repeat it. Many believe this year, but this is the most transitional season in modern history. Philippe Luis, Godin, Lucas Hernández, Juanfran, Rodri and Griessman left and changed the roster completely. She made big investments, especially her record-breaking record, Joao Felix, who has already stolen hearts. Hermoso, Tripieri, Lodi, Herrera, Felipe have all been acquired and all now depend on Simeone's magic baguette and what they will do in front of Diego Costa, Morata.

Real Madrid
Paid: 305,5
Received: 190,5
Zidane returned in April last year to unite the unmarried and will see this year if he can repeat his… wonders. Perez gave him money and his beloved Azar (but not Pogma). Jovich, Milito, Rodrigo and Medi have brought refreshing (not total) air, but there is grumbling about Bale's stay and what will happen to Hamas. Many injuries at the start have caused concern and mistrust. The second season without Christian will be decisive for many things, as he generally ended the last two years 3.

Paid: 63 million
Received: 18 million
Most important of all was that last year, when everything looked like crap, she supported Martellino and she returned with 4 position and another Champions League presence. It has kind of lost itself in internal disputes, but the right decisions seem to have been made and the climate has calmed down. The goal remains four, but no major investment, with Max Gomes stepping up the attack and Silesen firing.

Paid: 9 million
Received: 2 million
Bourdalas found himself at the helm of 2016 and led him to succession, 8 position and now losing the last of the Champions League miracle. The Madrilenes lived a dream last year and will be unlikely to repeat it. Especially now that they will have Europe too, with infinite participation in the bazaar. The most significant boost is the left back, Bucharest (Eibar, Barcelona).

Paid: 18,5 million
Received: 40,5 million
It had been 11 years to get to Europe, but Ruby, who managed it, left for Betty's bench and was replaced by rookie David Gayego, and no one knows what that might mean. The roster didn't change much, but it lost to Hermosos, Rosales in defense and invested in youngsters. The Argentine Extreme market, Vargas was its most expensive move. It is not expected to be in danger, nor to repeat last year.

Pay: -
Received: -
It didn't pay for anyone, it didn't sell anyone. Some borrowers returned, while others were promoted by Group B. Garitano, who took over in December and stripped her of the danger zone, remained in his post, with the roster being therefore unchanged. No one knows what she can do, but she is not expected to be downgraded for the first time this year. Especially after the 1-0 premiere on Barcelona.

Paid: 21 million
Received: 12,5 million
Alguatheil took over in December, showed good track record and kept him for the job. He was also given four transcriptions with offensive virtues (Portu, Isaac, Odengaard), with Sinan reinforcing the defense. Especially Odengaard is thought to be one of the revelations of the year and will soon return to Real. There are, however, gaps behind, with the departures of Moreno (stopper), Rouge (goalie). All the money the extremist, Oyarathbal, who is preparing for a big transfer.

Paid: 88,5 million
Received: 19,25 million
He drove away the ballerina he played from time to time (Satien), got the good with Espanyol last year, Ruby and threw in the market after many years. Incredible, he got the unlikely Fekir of Lyon, while Borja Iglesias is the forward who has been looking for something for a season now, with extremist Huanymi stepping up the impact line. The point, though, is that he lost the Trans-Basques, Los Celsos, Pau Lopez, and Phippo. It does, however, have the quality to claim Europe's goal.

Paid: 10,77 million
Received: 10,77 million
By the beginning of spring everyone had gone crazy, as he was firmly in the quadruped. Eventually he bent over, stayed out of Europe, and the coach Ampelardo left, which he did not find with the administration. Assyrian Garitano knows the localities and the roster has some solid values. But her best, Caleri, Yoni, and Alice Vidal, Ponce, Joselou, are gone, controversial moves, as is the fallen Lucas Perez. It will not be easy to stay, but it is not among the favorites for a ... fall.

Paid: 17,1 million
Received: 27 million
Medillibar's steering wheel is a solid non-relegation value. It cannot do more, it is not in danger and does some serious damage to Ipurua. However, it lost some key units, probably its best ones, Bucharest, Jordan, Penny, and brought cash to the roster and vacancy at the roster. They covered it with some unknowns to the general public, but they always do so and it comes out just fine.

Paid: 10,7 million
Received: 1,75 million
After the previous two had been saved on the thread (17h), last year 13h ended and was saved with some comfort. Dimitris Siovas will also have Pelegrinos as coach this year, and the goal is of course to clean up by staying without many, many. That's why they kept their best and were backed up with talented forward from Chelsea, Omero and Sporting L. Silva betting is not the first favorite to lose.

Paid: 14,3 million
Received: 56 million
Its worst year since the demotion. After a consecutive outing season in Europe, he finished 14, but at the last moment, endangering the penultimate race. Caiheca, who saved her, remained, but she is not considered a level coach for important things, and the transcript showed that she was employed to raise money, which weakened her. Fornals, Pedratha, Sansone, Soriano departed and were replaced by Alberto Moreno, Angisa, Raul Albiol, Peña, with emphasis on defensive reinforcement. Aggressive, after all, it has material so as not to repeat last year's crap.

Paid: 12,6 million
Received: 3,8 million
He stayed the goal for another season, though his good first round was largely aided by that. He has faced a number of problems in defense, which he has to solve this year if he wants to be held in charge. Paco Lopez continues on the steering wheel, who has seen the roster strengthen with the addition of good solutions, such as Douarte's back and Sergio Leon and Ernani on the offensive line.

Paid: 1 million
Received: 8 million
With nails and teeth, Ronaldo's team managed to keep the last match in the Primera. The key to this is the homogeneity in the roster and the work of Sergio Gonthaleth, who after achieving the goal of staying, was kept in his normal position. She did not move significantly in the transfer market, with the best transfer being the striker Sandro Ramirez who came on loan from Everton. He weakened the defense with the sale of Calero to Espanyol and is certainly one of the favorites for relegation.

Paid: 21,4 million
Received: 19,7 million
He wants to forget last season, in which he got seriously involved, risking relegation. After changing two coaches, he finally found calm in the face of Fran Escriba, who, relying on his offensive line, managed to save the ship from the "wreck". Dennis Suarez and Sandy Mina are back and strengthening the roster, which of course still needs additions to become more competitive. But they lost Maxi Gomes. At least in Galicia they do not want to see last year's crap and from there on the best. As long as Iago Aspas is healthy.

Paid: 13,5 million
Received: -
She also emphatically celebrated her return to the. Living rooms. The team from Pamplona played a beautiful and aggressive ball, having as a "weapon" its headquarters, on which it will rely this season to remain in the category. Hakoba Arasate continues for the second consecutive season on the bench, who saw last year's units remain on the roster. This was reinforced by not expensive, but quality additions to fight to avoid relegation.

Paid: 7,3 million
Received: 0,3 million
She rightfully celebrated her return to Primer, with stability as a feature. From the beginning she played in the climbing positions and remained there until the end, with her granite defense as a great asset. Diego Martinez is also apparently continuing his technical leadership, which should, however, rely heavily on last year's roster for stay. Of course there were some good moves on the offensive line with Matsis and Soldado, and the defense was strengthened by the acquisition of Douarte.

Paid: 5 million
Received: -
Although they had no big budget to claim the promotion, the Islanders fought it perhaps beyond their means and in the end they succeeded by beating Deportivo La Coruna in the exciting finals of the play offs. Vicente Moreno knows his team from the outside and mixes it up, remaining on the bench for a third season. Of course this year he will have the difficult task of staying, having the weakest material perhaps from all the Primera teams. The club, however, largely maintained last year's roster.