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# Stable in the first 4 of the table, Atletico G. comes from positive appearances (1 defeat in 6 games) counts 4 consecutive under… the result will be sought by Brazil brings draws away from home.

# The newly enlightened Cuiaba wins 2 times, maintains the tradition in her favor, remains undefeated in the last 4 in front of its audience; zero assets in the last 2, Botafogo has an issue in the goal.

# Best in individual points, Portland with 7/10 over this year has prevailed twice in the cup and championship; in a downward spiral Seattle completed 2 matches without a win, conceding 4 goals per game.


Atletico GO - Brazil
Cuiaba - Botafogo
Portland - Seattle

TG 2-3

1008.43Novibet-100 qualifying.