White dove ...

They beat Russian tycoon Ribolovlev in Monaco. Not fair. This does not mean that the person who plays high on the Forbs list is a white dove. These things are not happening. But for the specific offense, they will be charged with oil.

Dmitry Rebolovlev is a philanthropist. Suspect this! The "proof" of how "pure" it is. He gives millions to charities every year. What's the trick? To cover what?

How did Mitsos, who was born 1966, become an oligarch? The facts. A medical student, and before getting his diploma, he marries a female colleague with whom she makes Ekaterina, the owner of Scorpio, the islet of Onassis. Instead of becoming a cardiologist, 1992 sets up an investment company. Out of the blue. 1994 becomes a bank owner. 1995 is an industrial manufacturer of potassium fertilizer.

After Ribolovlev coarse-grained, she falls to Cyprus, before Andreas Vgenopoulos. He buys 10% from Bank of Cyprus, the largest on the island and is looking for a ... team. It does not manage with Manchester United 2011, nor with Dynamo Moscow and eventually buys Monaco. 2013, in order to prevent Cyprus from defaulting, the Bank of Cyprus buys Laiki Bank.

Dimitris Ribolovlev is accused of corruption, high-profile bribery in the principality. When one has his own packages, then the line of contact with the Archbishop and Ministers is "open". He was arrested, however, because they "set him up", those who ate him money and didn't want to go back. He was bought by the mob and pushed on by the mobsters in the art market.

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