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19year-old Janice Bullmel has Algerian roots. But he feels only Irish. "I'm proud and I'm Irish," the young footballer said on a social networking site screaming at brainless criminals who put him under psychological pressure and verbally abused him for racial reasons!

19 time plays ball in the Leinster Senior League on behalf of Fihaus Clove and at one stage an opponent attacked him by calling the "black bastard" more than 3 times, with the referee refusing to let him down. football player.

That same night, Bulmel reported word for word of the episode on his social media account, and the issue went viral, with 1.800 like and 400 post reproductions, over 10.000 views in a few hours, numbers multiplied thereafter (X exceeded thousands of views)!

“I didn't announce it to complain, but to make the world known in the future to protect another child like myself from such minds in the future, I didn't even ask for the subsequent punishment of the opponent, I just wanted to have a discussion, then I got it down, ”the young man said of the post that dimensioned the event.

What happened next, however, was the best. The 19 player has been contacted by players from Ireland's top teams, international Africans playing there, the Leinster League organizing authority itself, the federation, everyone! With one question and one only. If you push him to download the post. 19chron explained that he went down on his own, that he wanted to make a mark, succeeded and withdrew the suspension, but the makers had seen it, the water was now in the groove. A search was launched to find the racist player and the subject fell off the headlines to focus on the essence, not the impression.

At the same time in other countries, racist incidents are dwindling. The depreciation of human dignity holds up well and there are still two diodes that judge its existence and its special weight against their color, group, political position, religion and sexual preference!

In other news, while in Europe, and even in smaller countries, with a league even weaker than ours, decision-makers are fighting to ensure peace in the game, equal opportunities, and the sacking of every element that does such a damage, in Greece we know better. We are organizing soccer finals without fans in football so that we are not dead (For the ball. Dead in Greece !!!!), while in basketball our teams leave the semi-finals and then demand a change of rules and the appointment of referees as they please.

It's a joke if you live in your own world and you don't communicate with the rest of the universe, football or not. Is not;…

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