Belarus, Nicaragua…


Energetic - FC Minsk

Dream start for Energetic with 2 wins in as many games, against BATE and Rook Brest. He has scored 2 times in just 4 games while behind he seems to be very reliable having conceded just 1 goal and that from BATE. In her last match with Rook, she did not impress but she showed that this year, even on her not so good day, she is able to put points in the bag, having as her weapon the serious inhibitory function.

FC, on the other hand, is a team that concedes goals relatively easily while scoring. Specifically in the championship in 2 games he has scored 6 times while he has conceded 3 goals. In the Minsk derby, he broke a tradition of years against Dynamo and celebrated a 3-2 victory by making a fantastic offensive appearance. If he corrects the bad texts in the defense then we will be talking about a team that will go for big things this year.

So a bunch of peaks with two teams that this year can be pleasant surprises judging by the problematic start of the greats of the country. So traditionally in the headquarters of Energetic we have goals and I think we should focus here as well. But Over 2,5 goals at 1.67 is for laughs and that's why I will go for 2 to 3 goals which clearly pays off better and has a pretty good chance of being verified.

Witsbeck - Smolevisi

I won't say much about this game. They are two teams that we do not expect much this year. Moderate appearances, a few goals but looking at the odds and seeing Over 1,5 goals at 1.60 I won't think much of it. Obviously I'm not saying that the Bucks are wrong, after all, and Witsbeck and Smolevisi don't put it in, but I think that here the 1.60 to score 2 goals is good enough and it's worth honoring.

Jalapa - Chidante

And from Belarus to the Premier League in Nicaragua for the match between Jalapa and Tsintandaya, where I will deal with the G / G that we find at 2.00 and I will immediately explain my reasoning.

Jalapa seems to be a fairly balanced team with 13 assists and 15 assists in 12 games. It is located at 4η position of the championship 8 points behind the champion and I think that in this particular match against Tsitandeya he will press the accelerator to reduce the difference from the top. In her last match against the penultimate Octal, she won by a score of 2-1, conceding goals from a team that, if you look at her statistics, cries (8 goals in 13 games).

Here, however, Jalalapa will not have an opponent, Okotal, but Chidandaya, who defeated Managua 4-0 and put an end to a series of 4 games without a win. We are waiting for her to take advantage of the psychology given to her by this great victory and to make it difficult for Jalapa, who defensively seems to be in a bad momentum, scoring a goal.


Energetic - FK Minsk
Vitsbek - Smolevichi
Jalapa - Chinadegia

2/3 Goal
Over 1,5
G / G