Lifting ... on Mars.

Something from the construction site is reminiscent of the whole Mars organization. In Cleanthis Vikelidis was installed a brand new lawn of the last generation, the infrastructure was created from the beginning and the image of the playing field makes you look forward to seeing the eleven yellow-black vests on it. some… scuttling will be done elsewhere on the court (tournaments have already been installed), but no major interference since it is not possible at this stage.

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Where the changes will be cosmogenic are in the training facilities of the new Rysius. They were virtually demolished and built from scratch alongside a second building, and when they return to the Netherlands after the team enters the renovated premises, its members will finally feel they belong to a large club with the facilities they need.

Not that there are fewer changes at the racing level. Whether we are talking about technical teams or football players. Mars will be a new team, largely responsible for Paco Erera. Coach experienced, gunpowder and respected in Spanish football, football possession fan. After 12 days of training in the first stage completed at 3-5 Springs and without having the final roster in hand, he seems to be setting up a team that will try to play ... something. The rest on that in Holland when he has almost all the ingredients of the final recipe in his ... pot.

The arrival of Mygen Bassa is the first move to be fully stamped by the company's new technical director, Konstantinos Diamantopoulos. Without drumming and fat words, he slowly and in full co-operation and harmony with the coach tries to move on with the rest of the moves, with the intention of staying on track for the next season as well. He needed the team, so all serious clubs operate, he is a man of knowledge and interconnectedness, the results of his work remain to be seen.

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I left Theodoros Karipides last because he is not unknown in the equation. But it seems to work under a new philosophy as well. He ate his ... cuffs and learned, he seems to have a vision of seeing Mars go up, without even having the revenue to help him more easily handle what he has in mind since he is known to be able to reach himself the .. boat as a specific point.

It also has to deal with the suspicion of a part of the world that would like a bigger size on the team's steering wheel. Without television, sponsorships, and a loose endurance movement, Mars is making an effort to change shape at all levels. It still has a long way to go, but it's definitely one. If it receives the support of the world still struggling with its demons, following the traumatic last four years, the plan will be implemented with less anxiety ...

The full schedule of his summer preparations, including eight friendly encounters, has been announced by Mars.


On 2 and 3 July, players will pass group-wide exams.

The first training of our team for the new year will take place on Wednesday 4 July.

On Monday 9 July the mission will depart for the 3-5 Sports Center in Naoussa, where the first stage of preparation will take place until the 21 of the month.

On Wednesday, July 25, ARIS will face Α.Ε.Κ. in a friendly game with Kleanthis Vikelides (19: 00).

The mission will depart for the Netherlands on Thursday 26 July. He will be staying at the Golden Tulip Hotel de Reiskoffer Hotel in the Bosschenhoofd area, where the basic stage of preparation will take place until 5 August.

Four friendly matches are scheduled to be held in the Netherlands.

On Tuesday 31 July with the opponent Graafschap FC (Sportpark Waalderweg in Marienvelde, 19: 00 local time).

On Friday 3 August with the opponent ADO Buy Hedge (Cars Jeans Stadion in Den Haag, 19: 30 local time).

On Saturday 4 August with the opponent Willem II (Koning Boudewijn Stadion in Tilburg, 13: 30 local time).

On Wednesday 8 August ARIS will face off against Larisa (20: 00), while Saturday the 11 of the month will become the friendly rematch at Kleanthis Vikelidis (20: 00).

On August 18 August will be a new home friendly game with PAS Giannina (20:00) ”.

Friendly with Boca Juniors

Not once, or twice, is enough for Mars to want a third Boca Juniors friendly. At that time there will be a National League stoppage time and Theodoros Karipidis wants to bring the Argentinean team back to "Kleanthis Vikelidis".

Boca will then be in Europe, playing friendly against Napoli in honor of Diego Maradona.

The people of Mars suggested to their counterparts in Boca to travel to Thessaloniki either before or after the friendly in Italy, hoping for a positive response.