Liverpool vs United

Liverpool are in great shape but have not beat United at Anfield for the league since September at 2013. He has also not scored against Manchester since March at 2015 (inside the Premier), with the Portuguese technician playing his part in it. Mourinho will try to spoil Klopp's plans and throw him on the canvas.

There were times when Mourinho and Klopp looked at each other as to what had changed. The Portuguese has to say that the German reminds him of himself at a younger age. Cloppe, on the other hand, has to remember the highlights of his Special One win, such as Dortmund's 4-1 against Real or Liverpool's 3-1 against Chelsea.

This ... battle on the bench obviously plays a big role. The fate behind such clashes is a look back at time and how the teams were in the 90 decade. Liverpool are clearly in better shape and upward in recent years. Building a good set with a charismatic and smart technician.

According to tradition, United should not be so scared of its ... exit to Anfield. The Portuguese technician extended the team's defeat to its big opponents in eight matches while on the bench in the last four. So Manchester and Mourinho still hope they can turn on the ... switch and make it to Anfield, despite the terrible start of the Reds and their defeat.

No one should go into the process of underestimating Mourinho because he will pay for it. After all, the Portuguese is capable of destroying his opponent's game and knows the characteristics of Klopp. His pride and his abilities are… struck so he will see it very strongly and decisively. Special One has already made some comments about Klop and how he is behaving to create a climate and atmosphere.

He knows this game well ... There are related stories of Mourinho's psychological warfare. One back in the summer of 2016 so the Portuguese was in United and they had invited him to an event where he didn't want to be found until he found out they were reading his name and made a reference to him. It was the year they went to the Premier League Conte and Guardiola.

The presenter was saying names leaving Mourinho for the end. However, a scheduling problem took Clop's name, with the Portuguese saying: "Not him. He has not won anything ... ". When questioned about this, the Portuguese started talking about the times when the German was coming out of 2os, but also that Bayern Munich were ... messed up when the German won two Bundesliga titles with Borussia Dortmund.