London case ...

Let's get it right where we left off and close this issue with English scrimmage in the Eurocups finals, Liverpool-Tottenham in Madrid and Chelsea-Arsenal in Baku. Because, we said, the presence of four teams from the same country in the Champions League and Europa League finals respectively, happens for the first time in the history of the sport. The English do it with the incredible qualifications of Liverpool and Tottenham in the final of the stars, but also the Londreses Chesley, Arsenal in the final of the… poor, in the Europa League.

Remember, first, that in the last six years, only one English team has appeared in the final, and it was Liverpool who bowed out in the third leg of last year. It was 5's first time in that six year that he had taken the Spanish Eugene Cup (four for Real and one for Barcelona), and the other for Germany, Bayern. The six finalists also qualified for a Spanish (Atletico twice) an Italian (Juventus twice) and a German (Dortmund).

Even at the lower level of the Europa League, English teams were absent. Only two times in the last 16 finals has the trophy reached English clubs (Chelsea, United). Nine times he wrapped the Spanish flag, two Russian and Portuguese, and once celebrated Ukrainians and Dutch.

How did this happen and the Premier League clubs were able to put all their opponents out of the final? That what; Got the best footballers and coaches? Well, for some years the top guys have been working in England, but this year's 4x4 has not become the final two.

Mani mani in the Europa League the English have given more weight to the former, having been "forced" by UEFA's decision to participate in the Champions League. It's easier to leave Zurich and Boavista behind than Liverpool and City. No;

In the Champions League, however, the explanation is different. And panic at the same time! The overcrowded schedule was a huge problem, with teams and players in other - big football - European countries enjoying their winter breaks and regaining strength before the big games in the final straight of the season. And in that part of the year when others take a breath, the English have always had the most difficult schedule of continuous fights at the festivities.

Liverpool were excluded early this year by both institutions. The Clopos took advantage of it and traveled with his players to Dubai. The two-week rest period has obviously taken its toll, the Reds being a wheel now. Am I Tottenham? Since February he has been selling the title battle and has been weighing on Europe and keeping it just four in England. In his last 11 games, Poketino managed seven and lost seven. And what; Did it not achieve its purpose? History wrote after it was as strong as it needed to be in the big semifinals with Ajax!

Management, gentlemen, management. Roster, forces, institutions. Choices. Which will probably be a little easier than the new league. With English football managers following the example of other Europeans, the season will end for two weeks in February. Here's to the winter break everyone was looking for in the premiere. Decision taken to bring English teams back to European attention. Simply put, Liverpool, Tottenham, Chelsea and Arsenal have been catching up. Well, it's not a little bit ...