Turkish delight group ...

The mother of football. We have been stunned by the English. England gave birth to the ball, and it has the best championship in the globe. Agree. And augment it. The most respected is England as a people, as a society, for its relationship with the ball. Bow. As I spit on the Greek bourdello because as a government, as a fan it is about the shit their relationship with the object.

All that stick to the England national team? For years, decades have been playing a forgery. The English-speaking media outlets dailily equate England with the truly great footballing powers on earth. How to compare Greece and Sweden with the US, China, Russia. Is it done, huh? To top the English nationals because the English goats, English universities, English department stores like them.

But come on, the brainwashing started by John Diakogiannis started by 1970. And today, stuck journalists are still openly propagandizing, ignoring the reality. The results of international tournament kits, Euros and Worlds.

And China is the first in population on the planet. Not even qualified. The global economic powers themselves, USA, India.

Get to have a truth. England never got a World Cup. Never. And why the 1966 pushed it to its headquarters, and why the job was done half a century ago plus. So it is out of order. In the club the top teams are Brazil, Germany, Italy, Argentina, end. Nor does Uruguay weigh in with the two worlds at a time when no bikini was still worn on the beach. Nor does the single conquest of France and Spain say. I count you two or more.

Another truth. England did not win in the first bout with Tunisia. Cain got the win. With two personal goals. The player, and his wizard, found himself twice open and did it.

They asked Nikoloudis: What will Takis say, "great player". And Takis said the big talk: "He'll say he's thinking one and a half seconds before the others."

But it is possible to wear victory wreaths and bet on ... England because it won Tunisia. Write about what he has done in the past without ink. Well. England has no right to speak as a national team. Perfect. Nor should the English-speaking folk fool the world. End of story.

Today is Sunday at 3 pm, England - Panama. Eventually, the World Cup was set up for England first and then Russia. Turquoise group and paved the turn of their first two races.

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