low-profile Killer…

He took over from Betancourt and sent a scoreless curler to Rui Patricio's corner for 2-1 just minutes after Portugal's draw. This was done by Edinson Cavani, an image-striker with humility but at the same time as humble and timid as few. With two so different but amazing goals, the 31 time-lover in incredibly passionate style sent Celeste to "8" and made her dreams of winning the title even more intense ...

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Without disgust and promotion on social media, Cavani has consistently done what he learned from his childhood in Salt Lake Uruguay and professionally in Danube. From 2006 he does it in Europe and the fact that he has played in Palermo, Napoli, Paris Saint-Germain, in combination with his low-profile character, has helped him avoid haters. The injury against Portugal and his departure broke the hearts of the 'neutral' ranks and it was then that Cristiano Ronaldo got a little shiny when he hugged him and helped him get off the ground.

Within the four lines, though, it's not just low-profile. With their work-ethic measured, its 31 is in excellent physical condition and along with the rare instinctive killer, it doesn't stop scoring. He left Palermo after the Mundial of 2010 having scored 37 goals [117 match], with Napoli scoring 105 [138] and already with Paris having 170 [245]. One of the same things he does with his National, with which he has now reached the 45 [105] and with Suarez, who was born in the same area for 3 weeks and grew up in apartment buildings, are the top scorers of all. seasons.

In addition to selling and this bad word that most say, Edi has substance and can be an example for today's young people. With movement, phase reading, perception and finishing, Matador can say he is touching perfection and if anyone claims to do it with Metz and Lorraine, he did so on Saturday night against a National defensive line stealer glory to CR7. "We played against the best player in the world, it will always be an image for me," Cavani said after qualifying. "Sometimes goals come, sometimes they don't. The funniest thing is to know that every drop of sweat from your teammate is worth it. "

With Uruguay giving the ball to Portugal, Cavani scored two goals from three attempts and forced Croatian coach Slaven Bilic to become an even more staunch Celeste fan. "It's one of those goals worth talking about for hours." This was his third goal in the Russian league for Cavani, who in the previous matches was used in a more regional role than Oscar Tambares, but against Portugal was inside the box to get the ball from his buddy and be able to rejoice in this poetic and creepy way again.

The injury and his retirement from the 16 battle with the Iberians cannot but cause concern in Uruguay. For Sunday (01 / 06) he was scheduled to undergo tests to have a first assessment of his condition, but his medical team eventually told him to do absolutely nothing and rest. Until Friday (13 / 06) days look a lot like Matador from Saltos, who - besides the French - will never be the man who doesn't want to look against the National of the country where he lives and competes.

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