Battle for the First ... (FUND - 4,38)


Good evening my friends,

Russia have shown quality in their last two games, facing Uruguay where they have world-class strikers (although they have not appeared in the two previous matches scoring just two goals). We wait for the game to open and the overpaid 2.5 comes out where we find it near 2.5.

"Roha" is playing for two results today in terms of qualification, while they have to chase the goals if they want to take the first place. Morocco was eliminated, having two defeats with 0-1. It is worth mentioning that although Morocco has not scored, it is characteristic that it has made 28 finals in both games.

Saudi Arabia and Egypt have been ruled out with two defeats each. Egypt's most capable team to score at least two goals.

Massive defense is expected to play Iran in today's game against Portugal, wanting the match to be judged on goal. Portugal will have most of the game, Iran has a solid defense, and the half time draw is very likely.


Uruguay - Russia
Spain - Morocco

O 2.5
O 2.5


Saudi Arabia - Egypt
Iran - Portugal

Egypt O 1.5
1st Half