Battle to the end…

Great game today at Anfield girlfriends and boyfriends. Liverpool vs. Manchester United part one first. Because more will follow and this time it will be a knockout. But let's stay in today. And let's see why United will never find a better opportunity to visit the cave of Liverpool.

In principle it will not exist people at the stadium on Sunday. And of course another is a full Anfield and another is empty. After all, we are talking about one of the most influential seats in Europe, not only in England. The "this is Anfield" sign at the exit of the Liverpool stadium is not just a coincidence.

As much as we are used to In the last year, watching behind-the-scenes games, a Liverpool game against United, a match of this magnitude, is more than strange to see it playing without a soul on the podium. Regardless of the scoring position they occupy each specific moment that these two teams meet, the game they set up between them is a battle to the end. For every fan who has grown up adoring the two clubs all three days before the first home of the game, it is a special three days in the season. The Greeks have Shrove Monday, the Norwegians the Independence Day dedicated to football. The cheerful Spaniards in the Giornada do not call Paegias. And so on. Well, those who were born in Liverpool or Manchester have exactly this three days, when it comes time for the big derby with the eternal opponent.

Of course, one owes to admit that Liverpool's record of even one empty podium is excellent at home. It seems that the ghost of full Anfield scares the opponent even if it is empty in the end. And on the other hand, one more reason to give a bonus to the guest with your mind, is that United is playing well at the moment. Solskier's team has not gone three points ahead alone in the standings.

And once we caught the coaches, let's not laugh. Klopp is the one who burns and does his best to prevent his associates from giving him Matip ready for war. The Norwegian of the red devils seems to have a plethora of young players whom he trusts even for such a big game.

Expected to judge everything is on the axis in the midfield. Pogba and Matic showed a good face in Tuesday's win over Burnley, while McTomini and Fred are the surprise pair in all the big games this season. Not that he loses everyone and will not accept the criticism he leveled at them, but the kids are in shape and the omens better than ever to use them.

What he wants to see Every football fan in tonight's derby, both teams are free to play and willing to take risks. Although such games are usually boring, everything shows that this can prove to be different. Liverpool has things to prove, which has undoubtedly raised the bar a lot in the last two years. She did not get anything from Newcastle and Southampton, so waiting for her reaction is not unreasonable.

Let us be clear Nevertheless. Whoever wins this match will do nothing but make a significant statement of title intention. Because there is no guaranteed championship from tomorrow's result.