Man of the match…

When Salvador Dali called for common mortals to remain mortal, he could not foresee that one day a short, ugly, malevolent and humble guy, that is, full of appearing imperfections, would cancel his exhortation. That famous slogan of "Don't be afraid of perfection. You'll never get it, ”he had long since ceased to exist in football. Only at this time, the one who remains bold, brave, steady, simple, natural, who is in no hurry and is nearing perfection, is Luca Montric.

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The truth is that to describe it in its own way, words must be simple. Only in his case it is not easy to find the right ones. Perhaps paraphrasing Charles Bukowski, we might be able to attribute to him: "Genius is the ability to do something very profound in a simple way."

It makes no sense in his case to analyze more. Especially after his fabulous appearance against Argentina, who gave him his second Man of the match. And what to do? Call it a multitasking tool that covers everything? To say that he likes to get the first ball from the defense to even split time? ' How does it have a wonderful sense of space, perfect control of both feet? No, in his case they just don't add credits.

Talking about Montricz can only get the feeling you leave when you see him. To be precise is the feeling when the race is already over. When you realize that he dominated the game everywhere, always, without ever realizing it. In the classic "show me your center to tell you what team you have" team, with Montric and his staff around, Croatians get infinite nails of sympathy and well-functioning.

And the player heading for his 33, is also fooling around with his time. It somehow gets better than ever. He is worshiped and has made every appearance a lecture on how his profession should be practiced. But the most striking thing about it all is that while you don't have it, in every scene it makes the jump to the first three meters of its sprint and looks more moving than you have it in your mind. And there it drives you even more ...