Matsara in Ireland ...


Hello my friends,

22 is the Irish Championship with the big top-tier derby between Shamrock Rovers and Dundalk.

St. Patrick's is a much better team than UCD. The home side have suffered 10 consecutive defeats, while the visitors have come from two draws and a win against Harps. Also St. Patrick's is six points lower than the Bohemians and claims a European ticket.

Sligo Rovers have a clear lead for the win, being a much better team than Harps. However, I do not think that he will be able to claim a European ticket and it is almost impossible to drop a charge, having already taken 16 degrees.

The big top-tier derby between Dundalk and Shamrock Rovers is what stands out in the race. Dundalk, which has turned the situation around and from where it was several points back, now has a five-point lead. It's definitely going to be a tough game, but I don't think we'll have many goals and under 2.5 I think it's the most anticipated score of the match.


UCD - St. Patrick's
Harps - Sligo Rovers
Shamrock Rovers - Dundalk

Under 2.5