Black cat …

Poyette's name for AEK was also heard. It happens. When it turns out, in fact or in the imagination of the media, the subject of coaching comes at the top of the list of candidates. Someone who was previously on the team bench.

The Uruguayan Gustavo Poyet. OK, the guy is not Roy Keane, who had said the fabulous at the Sunderland locker room: "You're a shit. You are most likely to lose. At least go out and enjoy your scent. " We're talking about an epic that Gustavo Poyette didn't write in the same club, he did other celebrations.

All cape hat

Before 2015 arrived at AEK in late October to replace Della, we were tired of reading how she saved Sunderland and made it to the League Cup final. I remember that he was kicked out with the kicks and after he had done everything with a hat on the team. Around February he laid his hopes on the world. How do various associations, associations, distressed send an open letter to the Prime Minister, so Gustavos wrote one for the world.

"I closed my eyes and remembered sitting in the changing room at the light stage. I lost 4-0 as a Chelsea player. Unbelievable atmosphere from the fans ”. This is how Poyette started the sloops. But as the lie has short legs, the licking has a small tongue. Uh, how ...

Do you know why he wrote this letter? Because all the time before he had given up. Everyone else except the team was to blame for the defeats the team made. He had once blackmailed the first US president, George Washington, who told History that something had gone dark in the city of Sunderland.

This incident brought its definitive break with the world. Not because there was an appreciation for the human capital of the US. God save us. The problem was that Poyette touched the black cat. This particular living in the city is like cows in Calcutta. Holy, because the legend says that in the Napoleonic wars, a cat with a catwalk revealed the Bonaparte armies that stormed the sacred soil of the Tyne-Weir and woke up the city's defenders. He also opened a book, Re Gustave.

Laughing at the pied kid

As you say, Poyette ate his head because he never got into the particular culture of Northeast England. The truth is that he did not succeed in scoring either in transfers. Among them the acquisition of Natsu Skoko that did not touch. Some attribute his difficulty in communicating with the administration, others that he did not "turn" in his tactics.

I do, however, like Poyette. I remember the pungent piglets he had thrown at Steve Bruce in a match. It had made him, the former Sir Alex player and coach in the Premier League for years, explode. Mr. Poyette, he didn't even plant an eyebrow. And when he appeared in a pre-game match for the ITV World Rugby Championship, he laughed at the pied kid. But it's not the fault of those curious who have melon instead of a ball. Fuck you ...