With tangible writing samples ...


Let's go to Friday's issues:

Saint Etienne - Monaco with premium 5% * and 190 + special bets!

# Falkenberg's clear lead has an easy goal (5 / 6 wins xNUMX-13) is 3 points from the top chasing straight up ... without any real motivation Brage loses 2 with 3

# With tangible handwriting samples Brest being the most formidable team in the class running 4 winning streaks (xNUMX-9) moves into the first 2 team table ... vulnerable off the field Saturn never scores a goal.

# The upper hand in the clash Lance comes from 2 series wins looks tight on the pitch is one of the first rising favorites ... against the flow of the match Paris is hard to pin down.

Rayo Vallecano - Espanyol with Bet Return *, enhanced performance and live alerts.

# Legally Accepted Assault Legia V. Counts 4 Match Without (3 Win 1 Draw) Playing With Over Delivery ... Arka Gdynia Goes For The Goal Of The Ball

# Undefeated in the 2 most recently Saint Etienne was a character ... Black Monaco's image touched on the 6 matches without a win by Zardim.

# Difficult to approach, Vallecano - Espanyol first cites a low goal rate ... a click to the head for obvious reasons.

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Falkenbergs - Brage
Brest - Chateauroux
Legia W. - Ark Gdynia



Lens - Paris
Saint-Etienne - Monaco
Vallecano - Espanyol

TG 2-3
during 2,5