With a new coach ... (TAMEIO - 4,72)


Good evening my friends,

Today's schedule offers many options, with Bordeaux's new coach lined up, only Nordsjelland's hopes of a sixth win, Villarreal climbs.

Last season in Denmark, Wentsaisel will play in the residency barrels, not winning in the last five games. Nordsjaelland needs a win to get into the sixth (he may not get it). The higher the score, the easier they score, they have 7 / 8 over 2.5 in the league.

We have a regular season finale in Belgium, Sid Truiden only wants a win in the sixth, Ghent will play for two results as long as the tie is enough. Too high I found Under 3.5 to be our pick as I consider Ghent a more experienced team as it doesn't suit the score to go high.

Osasuna is at the top of the standings, one of the favorites for the climb. Reliable at home, it has 12-2-0 with 22-6 finishes. Mahaddonod rests on his seat for stays, walks away, has 3-2-9 with 13-22 finishes. In a marginally acceptable performance, the ace comes into our selection.

Charleroi doesn't catch the playoffs, it's possible at home, has 7-3-4 with 21-16 finishes. The previous race achieved a prestigious victory at the Antwerp headquarters. Eupen has been on a downward spiral ever since securing the eve and is just waiting for the season to end. Has 0-1-6 in the last seven, conceded 9 goals in the last three. Very likely the ace, in combination with the over 2.5 performance is getting interesting.

Villarreal are going up, they qualified for the Europa League, in the championship they came out of the relegation zone, their roster is for much higher. Vallecano comes from six consecutive defeats in the league, today's match is a "final" stay, a possible defeat could be doomed. I support Villarreal, they have an ally in the tradition as they have five consecutive home victories against Vallecano. Combined with the over 2.5, the performance is attractive.

Debutant for Paulo Souza in Bordeaux, in his first statements, stressed that he came to the team in order to raise the level. Although Ren had taken a major lead in the first match against Arsenal, he failed to defend 3-1 and lost to 0-3 in the rematch and was eliminated. Bordeaux can take advantage of Rehn's tiredness and start with the right young technician.

Crotone, with a mini-series of 2-1-0 in the last three games without conceding a goal, has climbed to the bottom of the standings and will likely be eliminated from last place after yesterday's results. Lecce is in the playoffs, is at -2 in second place, does not extend the climb. He does not perform well at home, he has two consecutive defeats, 5-4-5 with 23-23 goals. Ace does not come out of the statistics or the form of the teams, I will choose him mainly because of his home base and performance.

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Vendsyssel - Nordsjaelland
St.Truiden - Gent
Osasuna - Rayo Majadahonda

U 3.5


Bordeaux - Rennes
Crotone - Lecce



Charleroi - Eupen
Villarreal - Vallecano

1 & O 2.5
1 & O 2.5