With a positive sign ...


Euro 2020… qualifying phase:

# In a difficult group Bulgaria made good performances in the Nations League has a marginal lead and due to headquarters can start with a positive sign in the event ... tight Montenegro Montenegro 6 / 8 under will go closed for the result.

# Unbeaten after Russia's World Cup Portugal wins 7 Euro qualifying series correctly and starts favorably ... Ukraine due to shutdown of domestic championships ends 1η in the League of Nations group is more likely to reach the Euro finals through Final 4.

# In 1.90 + the handicap ace for England has reason and value, but at Wembley he runs a series of qualifying 10 victories out of which 8 zero passive ... Czechs chase 2 in performanceη position is in a jumping group.

# Slim balances in Albania - Turkey on the same straight line, the teams can hardly get to the score ... in the shadow of France both will play more to lose than to win.

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Bulgaria - Montenegro
England - Czech Republic
Portugal - Ukraine

over 2,5
during 2,5


Albania - Turkey