With the power of the seat ...


Hello my friends,

Without the Premier League and Premiership this week, we will be dealing with the Championship, which will be dominated by seats and an FA Cup bob.

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AYR is clearly better than Folkierk, although they have lost the first place in their last three games in the league with three consecutive draws, but the difference between the two teams is big and this will be stamped on the field, as AYR is second with 36 points and Folkierk last with 13. Also in the two games played by both opponents and AYR won twice.

The same is true of Dundee United's game with Partick, as the two teams are a long way apart, as Dundee is third with 32 points and Partick last with 14. Also, as in the previous game Dundee has won both previous games.

In the derby Invernes welcomes the Queen of South, I think it's time to pick one of the two winning teams, as there were two draws in the two games. I think the home side will play a part in this game and in the end the team that will smile will be Invernes.

And in the bob of the day, I will choose Birmingham's double at West Ham, as the FA Cup is the institution of surprises and with the changes West Ham will go down to rest players is the perfect opportunity, for a… surprise .

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AYR - Folkierk
Dundee Untd - Partick
Invernes - QOS



West Ham - Birmingham