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Good morning,

Champions League Day is today and of course there is huge betting interest.

In detail our choices.

Naples - Paris Saint-Germain with bet return *, enhanced performance * and live alerts.

We start with the fight against Inter in Barcelona. The two teams have built their qualification so far in the next phase of the competition and if they are careful they will be able to win them, having at least the lead at the moment. The match will be judged by the participation of Lionel Messi, who is on the Catalans' mission but is not medically ready. So we will avoid the point, but go with the safe, we think, choice of many ends. Inter at home is quite dangerous, and the Blaugrana will certainly be looking for a goal, claiming it with or without their superstar.

We continue with a showdown that is very interesting both in football and betting. Napoli will welcome Paris Saint-Germain to Italy with the winner taking a major step towards qualifying in the knockout phase of the competition. The Berries have been having a great season so far, but we can't overlook the Parisian double. The French have tremendous quality, they want victory at all costs and have everything they need to get it.

We close our proposals with the fight against Schalke in Galatasaray. Here we will bet on the doubler, who pays very well. Both teams will chase the victory, looking for the goal, having the background to score, with very good midfielders. Therefore, the goal is very likely to be confirmed.

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Inter - Barcelona
Naples - Pari Sen Germain
Schalke - Galatasaray

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