Maradona, the great clown ...

Yes, because Diego Maradona will never die. Yes, because as long as he lives he will work and play first berry. 2014 World. Disappointed in playing with Iran, Argentina's biggest paid-for football figure, gets up and leaves the stadium at 90. After a few seconds, in the delays Messi scores and sends his team to the "16".

"Gandem had to leave in order to win ..." commented the Argentinean EPO president. Terrible things. Grouzouzis and a black cat for her former glorified national leader, but also her trainer in the 2010 world.

What was it like to call Maradona bad for Argentina's Girdzikis. After a few hours Maradona did something and marbled all over Argentina. He appeared on a television show Fresh, Shaved Against, Dyed Wool, Quiet, Almost Unexplained. Serious.

They told the "Che of the fields" and the. That he called you a goat. And how did he react? He raised his middle finger in front of the camera. He didn't say it, he meant it, so solemnly. That I have him for fucking the president of the federation. That I put it on my longest finger.

It has remained in History "the hand of God", as he himself characterized the goal with the hand that England put on 1986. It happened today 22 June, 1986. Okay, "God's hand". Because everywhere and whenever God pleases He puts his hand up and changes people's destiny. But there is also the divine finger. It is the middle, the center of the fingers.

We're serious. We are talking theologically. The Pope blesses you when he joins the middle finger with the thumb. The same movement, joining these two fingers, the middle one with the thumb, does the other in the obscene gesture, in the vulgar finger. When he wants to threaten someone "I'll jump at you" the fingers take exactly the same position as when the despot gives the faithful the hope of God.

Diego Armando Maradona makes the goal by hand and celebrates like crazy. His excitement is overwhelmingly spontaneous because he finds it inspiring to complete a personal goal creation by helping the ball and his hand before it hits the net. Defeat all other opponents he has in front of him and the goalkeeper, who excels 21 points, 1m.85 the English Peter Silton, Diego 1m64.

So Maradona's 1-0 in England is celebrated at 51 and on the spot he starts binoculars to his teammates. "Damn it, come on me!". None of them, as the English, have taken pride that the goal went hand in hand. “Damn it! "Maradona doesn't stop calling his teammates. "Embrace me, because the referee will cancel!"

It was the quarter-final of the 1986. It is a lie what the great Maradona slogan said, that he scored with the ... hand of God. The truth is that the great man neither put his hand up nor "raised" Maradona's hand. What the Most High did, at that very moment, was to "twist" the Tunisian referee for one and a half seconds. Four years after the war with the 907 dead in the Falkland Islands, somewhere in the South Atlantic, between victorious England and Argentina.

The sun is darkening on the Azteca stadium with 114.580 spectators. Half time 0-0. In a matter of four minutes everything more divine, magical, extraterrestrial, extraterrestrial was done in the history of the ball. 1-0 with "God's Hand" and 54's "Goal of the Century", which sees and re-watches it in the video God Does Not Satisfy the Choreography of Diego Armando Maradona's Expanded Half-Life Comic Strip overturning one opponent after another.

«Un poco con la cabera de Maradona y otro poco con manos de Dios». Diego said this about 1-0. "A little with Maradona's head and a little with God's hand" the goal came. And to prove that he had divine enlightenment, the blessing of the Lord, he immediately handed over the centuries the 2-0 phase. England reduced 2-1 to 80.