Metal winner ...


Europa League phase of '8' act B

# Open book Eintracht's defense touched ceiling in the competition received 4 goals in Portugal, under normal conditions extremely difficult to keep zero at the back ... Attractive double Benfica being a click on quality and first-time experience .

# Metal winner wins this year's Valencia only counts 1 defeat in last 20 matches in all competitions, tonight called to secure qualifying score in first match (1-3) ... Villarreal's immediate priority will be staying in the club with spare parts.

# Napoli's task difficult is the only Italian team to continue in the event will risk its overthrow (2-0) possible at the San Paulo this year running 4-1-0 at home in Europe ... Arsenal in full form / 6 wins in all competitions will go regularly to qualifying.


Eintracht Fr. - Benfica
Valencia - Villarreal
Napoli - Arsenal

goal / goal
TG 2-3