Goal Machine…

Aguero's development and improvement was such that he became the Premier's top scorer, surpassing Thierry Henry. He had some things before. Like his technical training, his dribbles and his sense of goal. As well as his great disposition to "read" and study the opponent. City already had Carlos Tevez, Dzeko and Balotelli but wanted something more. Then came the financial problems of Atletico Madrid. Chelsea had come close to getting Aguero on several occasions, but Atletico were asking for 40 million. City was not intimidated.

The top foreign scorer on the Island

Atletico got 36 million in the κι hand and then there was an agreement for 15 goals to get another 250.000, while for every 25 appearances another 250.000. Also for each championship title another million. In his first year in 2011-2012 Aguero had scored 29 goals and City came out 2nd. His στο hit in the match with KPR that the fans of "Citizens" remember as "93:20" cost City another 1.25 million. They would give so much and so much more for this achievement.

Of course, City won its first championship after 1968 starring Aguero, so obviously they do not only remember this goal. The Argentine could have left the first season and never become the hero of City. On the contrary, he stayed perhaps longer than most expected and became a Legend in the team and in English football. His very strong "hit" and his execution from the height of the penalty with Aston Villa on Sunday took him to 175 goals in the Premier League. He reached the same level as Henry, one of the most dominant and imposing forwards of his time.

Villa Park's third goal ended his 12th hat-trick of the season, surpassing Sirer's record. There are only four players above Aguero in the all time tables. It is very unlikely that he will reach the 260 goals of Sirer but he can prevent the passing of 177 of Lampard. Cole has 187 and Rooney 208. Aguero of course has to exhaust his contract at City or stay longer to do all this.

Aguero is a player who puts a lot of weight on the analysis before the games. He studies the movements of opponents and goalkeepers a lot. He is also looking for the smallest avant-garde he can find. That explains why in his 177 league goals, he has 11 with Tottenham, 9 with Villa, 8 with Arsenal and United and 7 with Liverpool.

Aguero is a clever player and a goal machine. He also had his ups and downs with back-to-back bouts like David Louise. Their tackles were at Cup level in 2013 and 2016. 2016 had its only elimination. Things were not always easy, of course. At Guardiola, Aguero felt he would lose his place in the team. He generally did not feel well and had pressure. It took City administration's intervention and a preparatory meeting in 2017 to convince him that his position was secure and that there was no problem with Catalano.

Scores right - left

The first 18 months of Aguero-Guardiola coexistence did not go so well. In the process, however, they found them and in the end they wanted the same. Let the Argentine ace play even better. What can not be disputed is that Aguero scores in every way, even though he has scored 156 goals through the "box". There is the goal that Lescott describes that he scored at Old Trafford, starting from the sidelines and emptying three players. Lescott had said that this player sent the ball exactly where he wanted it.

He has scored 126 goals with his right foot and only 33 with his left foot. There are also examples that he has scored nearly as fallen as with Liverpool. Others have changed legs and found nets. She has also performed well in Europe and has been the top scorer of the City in 2017.

Aguero's life is of course very good and very comfortable. He has an apartment in Manchester. If he does not eat with friends he will play FIFA or Fortnite. Together with Messi - who hangs out - they played Fortnite several times. They also went to Academy trainings where pandemonium prevailed.

However, you do not become a top scorer in Premier League when you have boxing and Cun Aguero never seems to have. With one goal every 106.5 minutes he is ahead of other forwards who have over 100 goals such as Cain with 120.6, Henri with 121.8 and Van Persie with 139.7 or younger such as Jesse with 123.2, Obameyang with 124.6 and Salah with 124.9.

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