Zero to the quartz!

How many hands and how many legs does Alafouzos have? Normal people are, like two, like everyone else. Well, since he is normal and normal, then why did he get confused where he is not sown. What he had to do with the Panathinaic man was totally unrelated to him and the team and the ball.

Alafouzos has two legs and two hands, but with his Panathinaikos appearance, he surrendered three of his four members and became a prisoner. To veteran football players. To the journalists on the plate. To organized sports fans. Only one hand was left free. To sign with his personal responsibility everything that is supposed to achieve the financial redemption of PAE. In her true self.

And what did the canal manager do? To reach absolute failure. To be obliged in 2017, as today, September 21, to declare publicly and officially "I can't take it anymore… I'm leaving". Another little joke on his part. Where to go? He is a major shareholder, so he does not spare what he put in his hump. And what he hears from the green popolo.

Who are the technocratic executives of PA Panathinaikos? Alafuzos is in its eighth season in the bay. What has he built for the limited company? Zero to the quartz. What does it have to show after seven years? Zero to the quartz. As for the PAE executives, nothing and no one.

The team is not built by the coach, nor the technical manager. You didn't understand the letters well. You went to the wrong school. Jaba the tuition fees. The team is built by the president with his own choices. Do not confuse the coach's team with the president's staff.