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Good month with health !

5 / 6 wrote the converter in the Yesterday Performance Proposed Points (4,33)… we continue with the same pattern.

Hadzigiovannis scored the first goal of the Panathinaikos - Lamia match? Vistabet has a bet return *!

Let's go to the main options on Saturday:

# Better on points, Brage (3 series wins xNUMX-10) touched 1b. 34 points away from the first 4 team score ... doomed to fight for her stay Frey comes from a heavy defeat against Halmstad (3-5).

# In the title track, Aik plays with home advantage complemented by 4 consecutive wins (zero passive) maintains tradition over ... in full form Hacken runs 5 championship series wins and cup scorings.

# Fair underdog Eupen moved to 'double' from Muskron off the bottom of the table ... clearly superior team Standard L. No benchmark, counts 2 scoreless three-pointers with total scoring .

# The sixth match for Panathinaikos in the event of a victory today nullifies the contender, he has good psychology after the double in Xanthi ... in a passive role Lamia is hard to get a result.

# Vancouver's 5 unbeaten match counts as soon as 1 defeats 10 last in the hunt for entry to the top… the table in San Jose is motivated to play for prestige.

# The odds-setting odds in Dallas - Houston are hard to come by for a winner, both giving rights while 5's most recent independent home count counts draws.


Eupen - Standard Liege
Panathinaikos - Lamia
Vancouver - San Jose



IK Brage - IK Frey
AIK - Haecken
Dallas - Houston

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