Their only goal

Asian bet

New in Europe and with changes in all her matches but she arrived walk to the 8th Granada. But now the menu has United. Another class, another brand, but good luck. What needs to be taken into account, however, is Tottenham. United have a big match against S / K and it does not take them to spend now. People will go to the match for a result of half qualification without risk or extra fatigue. The Under at 1,75.

Dinamo Zagreb has already done much more than people expected. Tonight she plays without two of the top three strikers (Petkovic, Gavranovic). If Villarreal he also blocks Orsic, how will he score? At 2,00 the double.

A unique opportunity for Arsenal for distinction this year is Europe. And much easier and with fewer matches as the cup and the Champions League! Completely focused on the goal and with the best she can play in her lineup, she will not do any rotation tonight with Slavs. The ace honest at 1,60.


Granada - Man Utd
Din. Zagreb - Villarreal
Arsenal - Savia Pr.