The one-way win for Valencia

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Good morning,

With strong favorites we will go to our current proposals with the aim of going for a second consecutive day at the fund.


Fiorentina - Roma with bet return *, enhanced performance * and live alerts.

Valencia have never started as they would like this season. It ignores the Spanish championship victory for many races, with the quality of its roster not being seen inside the races. The margins, however, have dried up for the 'bats' and against Girona, which has been worrying in its last games, their one-way win.

A very bad start for Schalke this season as well. This race is faced by Hannover, who will find it very difficult to avoid relegation with his performances. Consequently, Schalke couldn't have found a better chance to return to victory and go on a valuable ... breath in the face of continuity.

Our latest pick from our current derby coupon in the Italian Championship between Fiorentina and Roma. We believe that the visitors have a slight lead, who may not have a steady face, but have shown a better image than their viola this season.


Valencia - Girona
Schalke - Hannover
Fiorentina - Rome