The process of borrowing football players from club to club has often been the focus of criticism, not only in our country but also abroad. Cases like Atalanta with the 63 borrowers are altering the football scene, even unintentionally. However, lending is an unavoidable reality and the examination of the situation by the Nosatel Football Observatory (CIES) leads to some important conclusions.

Purchase clause

In a study published this week, researchers put together a list of the most expensive borrowing players competing in the big 5 championships, with a billing algorithm created by themselves and used in their various surveys. The most expensive player to play on loan is Filipe Coutinho. The 27-time Brazilian, whose financial rights belong to Barcelona, ​​is charged at 96.500.000 euros, an amount less than the 120.000.000 euros that constitute Bayern's purchase clause.

The 2 ranks second on the list is Danny Thebagius, the 23 old Spanish midfielder who is borrowing from Real Madrid at Arsenal and his price is set at 67.500.000 euros. However, the 'regulars' do not have a player purchase clause. The next player on the list appears without a clause from the club to which he was assigned. Martin Edgegaard of 57.300.000 Euro, Norway's 20 time wonderkid, is having a great season with Real Sociedad, both borrowed from Real Madrid. Borrowing, however, will last the 2 season, in accordance with the existing agreement.

Their most expensive borrowers are Real M.

Overall at top-50 are 7 'Merengues' players, who have not found space and time in 'Santiago Bernabeu' and are being tested in other states. Next on the list is Ashraf Hakim, who was lined up for 2018 summer in Dortmund, also on a two-year loan, but the year he makes this year makes him Real's best extreme back! Its value reaches 39.000.000 euros and is therefore in the 8 position. Far below, worth 22.600.000 euros, is 22 long-time striker Borcha Majoral, who is competing in Levante this year. A little further down, 21.200.000 is priced by legendary 21 long-time midfielder Oscar Rodriguez, while 22 long-time left-back Sergio Regilon, who left for X, has been added to 18.900.000's left-back. Real's last player is the great talent who ... stole from Barcelona the 18 midfielder Xefe Cumbo of the 17.000.000 euro, who was granted this year in Mallorca.

These 7 players are only worth 241.700.000 Euros based on CIES pricing, but they are not Real's only borrowers. Outside the top-50 are XWUME's Jesse Wahegue at € 8.500.000 and Andrei Lounin (5.500.000), Jorge de Fruit (3.000.000) and Valladolid's Xavium (3.000.000), raising the total value of their first-in-class loans. 5 tournament at 261.700.000 Euro.

The top-10 of borrowings

Beyond that, 4 tops the list with Liverpool's 22 time-lover Harry Wilson, who is struggling as a borrower in Bournemouth (with no market option) and, despite having only one involvement with the 'reds', is being charged 54.000.000 euros. Beneath the young Welsh is Mauro Icard, whose price for CIES is just 50.800.000 euros. The Argentine striker is having a great season in Paris Saint-Germain and the Frenchman could buy him in the summer for an amount of 70.000.000 euros.

Very close in value is a former Serie A striker, Duvan Shapata, who is in his 2 borrowing time from Sampdoria in Atalanta and has already had 57 goals in 35 matches. The Colombian is priced at 47.300.000 euros, but a potential sale by Sam will not reach that level, after a 2018 clause has been set (but not announced). Likewise, Stefano Sensei is irreplaceable in the center of this year's Inter and is getting opportunities in the Italian national as well, so his price is 42.100.000 euros. But the market clause agreed by Nerazzurri with Sassuolo this summer is likely to be much smaller.

The top 10 of the 50ada concludes with two players borrowing from Premier League clubs. 22 time goalkeeper Dean Henderson was loaned to Sheffield United for the second consecutive year by Manchester United and his performances have reached the price of 37.800.000 euros. William Saliba also stayed on loan at his side last year, but St Etienne sold him to Arsenal in the interim and kept him for a year. According to CIES the price is 35.100.000 euros.