Club World Cup…

The adults have been asking for it for several years. Real, Barcelona, ​​Bayern, Juventus, Paris and the English, have long given OK to FIFA and she is now ready to present her new and bolder venture. What was once called the Intercontinental Cup and then evolved into the Club World Cup, will cease to exist from 2021. The real Club World Cup will take its place. A regular World Cup with teams from all over the world.

The form and details of FIFA's most daring venture have leaked. The Club World Cup will have 24 teams and will be held every four years, with the 2021 premiere in China.

But what exactly will this project be and how will it work? Decisions have been made and Shanghai 24 October will be voted on and the tournament form will be officially announced on October 17. However, the "New York Times" leaked the details, so there is no question left unanswered. The first event is expected to take place in China between 4 June and 2021 July of 24. There will be a total of 31 teams appearing to give each other XNUMX matches. There will be fewer teams and games than a regular World Cup.

Europe will also have the largest representation there. Eight clubs from the Old Continent will be present and there is one specific qualifying criterion. The last four who won the Champions and Europa League respectively will get the ticket to China. That will be Real, Liverpool and Atletico Madrid with Chelsea. With them of course the winners of this year's European events and those of 2021.

South America will have six representatives, Asia and Africa three, and one team from Oceania. The 24 clubs will be divided into something different: groups of three, but it is not yet known how they will continue from there. The only sure thing is that the whole idea is expected to bring in close to three billion euros in FIFA funds, a significant part of which will be shared between the teams they play with, as well as humanitarian initiatives.

The Club World Cup will be held - as usual - every four years and always between the EURO and the World Cup. Also, the host country will change and the previous winner will not host the tournament. From the moment the project starts, it will mean the simultaneous abolition outside of the current Club World Cup and the Confederations Cup, putting team football in a brand new, uncharted era…