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Of unknown origin and football identity the betting files that appear on the coupon are to wipe money μπου By the way I remind you for the umpteenth time that here we do not analyze players & coaches - after all we are not able to do it - we just document the matches with arguments and data, we compare the odds based on the odds and performance of the teams φ money we play not buttons.

Let's go to the values:

# Δdifficult management the 3-1 on the part of Liverpool does not have a good season in the PL will look for the overthrow, reduced the chances of qualifying… a In 13 matches in all institutions, Real M. (11-2-0) hit form at the right moment, playing in a "double board", is in super timing, returned to the known performance standards.

# The habit that has become a cult… 6 consecutive defeats by English teams Dortmund counts only 3 wins in 13 matches in the knockout phase, extremely unlikely to concede a goal… complete in all lines City runs (8-1-0 in the tournament) plays with the advantage of 2-1 knows exactly what to do, firework the defeat from Leeds came with 7 changes of 11th.

# Valjecano's recent record is positive, counting 4 wins in the last 5, scoring at a good pace, chasing bonuses / points; behind the cross, Mirandes suffers outside (3 consecutive defeats) and will try in vain to steal a result.


Liverpool - Real M.
Dortmund - Man City
Vallecano - Mirandes

TG 2-3
TG 2-3


Sadio Mane
Marco Asensio
Ilkay Gundogan
Erling Braut Haaland

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