Nations League…

The Nations League is a new UEFA tournament that will replace friendly matches and give tickets to the finals of the next European Championship. Euro 2020 will host 4 teams from the final phase 24 through this event. The other 20 teams will pass the 10 qualifying groups (the 1 and the 2 group of each group). The 55 European Federations are also participating. The teams are divided into 4 categories, ABCD, according to UEFA rankings after completing the World 2018 qualifiers (ie 11 in October 2017, so the play-offs in November will probably not be counted and Greece may participate in them too). ).

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League A has the 12 top ranking teams. The next 12 is in League B, the next 15 in League C and the last 16 in League D.

League A and League B have 4 groups of 3 teams each. League C has one group with 3 teams and 3 groups with 4 teams, while League D will have 4 groups of 4 teams. Our national team is in League C and plays with Finland, Estonia and Hungary. All six games of the "blue and white" are scheduled for 21:45 (Greek time).

The matches will be in-out (inside-out) and will take place in September, October and November of 2018 (each team will play 4 or 6 games, depending on the size of their group).

Second chance

Essentially this event gives a second chance to all teams to qualify for the finals if they do not make it through the qualifiers. The goal of the event is to minimize friendly matches by replacing them with official matches against teams of similar capacity, while also qualifying for Euro finals and lower-level countries.

Qualification through Nation League

The four winners of the League A teams will play in a Final-4 (UEFA Nations League Finals), with two semifinals, a small final and a major final. UEFA will decide in 2018 in December which 4 countries will host this Final-4 in June at 2019 (there will be significant cash prizes)

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The countries that will finish at the top of each group in League B, C and D, are gaining momentum, while those that will finish in the last places in League A, B and C, will be relegated! In other words, this will change the "composition" of the next UEFA Nations League (not through the UEFA rankings).

The 4 tickets given by the Nations League for the Euro finals will come from the playoffs in March of 2020. Something like Final-4 will be done in the 4 categories (League A, B, C and D), with two semifinals and a final, who will decide who will get the ticket in the finals. So you will be given a ticket to the Euro 2020 finals in each category.

Indifferent to the qualifiers ;

Many are confused with the dates of the Nations League and Euro qualifiers, which begin in March of 2019, that is, after the Nations League group stage. The playoffs in which the winners of each league group will compete are held in March of 2020, when the Euro 2020 qualifiers are over. In short, no team can be indifferent to the qualifiers, because they have not yet secured anything through the Nations League.

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The most likely scenario is for the 4 winners of the League A teams to qualify for the Euro 2020 qualifiers. It is not excluded, of course, that the 12 teams of League A teams qualify through qualifiers. Any team in any category (League A, B, C and D) that qualifies for the qualifiers will then be replaced by the next one (based on performance in the UEFA Nations League of course) at the Playoffs.

Filling in the gaps will start with League D. For example, if League A is left with only 3 teams that have not qualified in the finals, then to fill 4ada, it will get a team from League B. This team will is the best of the rankings, after filling any gaps in the 4ada of League B.

Things in the World Cup will not be exactly the same. The Nations League will be played the same way, except that the playoffs will not include teams from the 3 and 4 categories (League C and League D).

First in the group

For those wondering why it is good for a group of Nations League teams to win if they can do it from the qualifiers, the answer is to have an extra chance if they qualify for the 3 position and below. In this scenario, he will be able to chase first place in the Final-4 of the league to participate.

If Greece comes out victorious in its November 2018 group, then it will move on to the March 2020 playoffs. Then begins the Euro 2020 qualifying process. If 1h or 2h comes out in their group, then they qualify for the Euro finals. Unless 1h or 2h comes out, then he plays in the playoffs and claims his qualification from there. If he does not come out victorious in his league C group, then he will give it all to the qualifiers and claim its Euro presence there. If, of course, it doesn't even get 1h or 2h, it's definitely out.