next big thing…

Fabio Quagliarella's two goals in Italy's victory over Liechtenstein in the Euro 2020 qualifiers resulted in him becoming the oldest scorer in Azzurri history, winning the standing ovation of Parma's Ennio Tardini and being adored by the Italian press. . The 36-year-old forward, along with Giorgio Chiellini and Leonardo Bonucci, are the paternal figures of Roberto Mancini's youthful Squadra Azzurri, who has decided it is time for a renewal and gives way to youth. And that justifies him. Some, in fact, to a greater extent than one would expect. Like Moses Ken…

The first time his name was heard was in early 2016, when Juventus "advertised" through the press a kid who made fun of the Primavera championship. A few months later, Massimiliano Allegri gave him the opportunity, in a match with Pescara, to become at the age of 16 the youngest player to ever make his debut for the Lady. It was a moment when he caused an incessant cry from his older brother who was on the podium, to follow that of Moise with his mother, Isabel. The most important man of his life, as he says, responding to his father, who had left the family when Moise was a child and sought their reunion when he saw him play in Juve's first team.

And now not only does he play, but he's also scoring consistently, so it's been a topic of discussion for many: For the record he makes, for the time Allegri gives him, for whether it's the calcio's next big thing, for the contract his one-year deadline on whether to include Bianconeri in the Ajax proposal - which has expressed interest - to Matisse De Lichte in exchange for the proposal Bianconeri is considering. Scenario, the last one to be ruled out, since Turin realizes they have a great talent who can write history if it works properly and remains landing.

The youngest player ever to debut with Juventus is the second youngest (at 19 years and 23 days) to score in the Italian national team, is the youngest ever to score in two Serie A matches, and has found in the last three games (Finland, Liechtenstein, Empoli), has scored 5 goals in 364 minutes inside 2019 (one every 72), has given six points to Bianconeri (Udinese, Empoli), become the youngest (19 days) and Mario Balotelli (31 years and 18 days) arriving at 242 c ol in Serie A, and figuring what he put last year in Verona, where he was granted a loan.

Super Mario, by the way, is - or was, because now there is Cristiano Ronaldo - his idol, as he said before, a fact that you do not say positive… Like the fact that his manager is Mino Raiola. Nevertheless, in this case, the infamous manager seems to think more logically. Massimiliano Allegri's January loan's veto, a rather unexpected move as Max is not accustomed to opposing any move by management, even made Raiola realize that the coach really believes in Ken and can guarantee him the right time to participate.

"In today's football, 2-3 is a good match to start parallels and excesses. With what was written and said about him after the national games, it would be a mistake to take a key position today (against Empoli). But it really amazed me how well it came into the game as a change, "said the coach after Saturday's game, where the 19-old forward made the difference immediately after his entry and put Allianz Stadium patrons in the process of trying to mimic the match. of.

A celebration they hope to see many times, after Anneli's La Stampa says in a report that the rest of the media agrees, that in June the new contract will go into effect until 2024 and its annual earnings. at 2 million, four times what it gets now. "In Juventus he was welcomed when he was a little boy and made a man. He was taught to train and read at the same time. They brought him up. Not only on the court, but also outside. Juventus was the father he did not have, "his mother says, explaining at the same time how Moise came to be:" My doctors had told me that I could not have another child. But then I saw Moses in a dream, and when, four months later, I became pregnant, I knew what his name would be. "