Dundalk wins again ...


Hello my friends,

17 is the Irish championship game, with Dundalk having managed to turn the tide, with most of the guests winning.

Cork City may have been up and running lately, but Dundalk's frantic run over the past two months has brought the visitors to the top of the standings with Shamrock Rovers. So I believe that Dundalk will have no problem and manage to get another win and continue its stunning run.

Shamrock Rovers will be comfortable at UCD headquarters, as Shamrock, although coming from a previous defeat by Sligo Rovers, does not think it will face any particular problems against UCD as the hosts come from six consecutive defeats, while Shamrock. Rovers never wants to see Dundalk overtake her.

Waterford has not shown anything good in the championship so far and is right in the middle of European positions and the position leading to the Play-Outs, but I think it will be able to get the win, as the latest Harps score has shown nothing. positive so far in the league, so the guests will be able to get the trio.

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Cork C. - Dundalk
UCD - Shamrock R.
Harps - Waterford