Nothing else…

If I remember England playing with Colombia. It was a pity. Do not dwell on the players and coach of the old empire. The sadness is for the proud lion's jersey that is laughing at all the jungle carnivores. The shame. Difficult to find the worst team in the world. English is placed on the tip of the bottom.

Of course, the failure in the World Cup once again in England is not a surprise. Again, it's good that it reached "4". It is a triumph. How, however, not to throw your pints at the fans of England when the internationals gave her a field at Escobar. They played with μβ Colombia, not with Germany and the Netherlands, Belgium and Italy.

England is not a football player. Exaggeration; I say what I saw. If some people see something else, I don't fold.

The only thing in common with the famous English football in Russia were the crosses. Nothing else. Crosses and again mother crosses. No plan of targeted offensive process. No cross-seal after regular pressure on the opponent. No such things. In their blindness the chimney and everything that comes out, as it sits. And yet well done and praise for the England of the future, and for its coach who took her high. As happened in… 1990, when this huge football power of the planet had reached the semifinals again.

Croatian leader Luka Modric is right. The child was indignant. The whole universe, on the eve of Croatia-England, was dealing with our opponents. No respect of the media for our team, for our effort ".
And after its exclusion, England receives. Congratulations. England, which, in defiance of its global advertising, has not yet managed to become equal in size to Germany, Italy and Spain. However, despite the successive failures of the propaganda, England is considered a leading national team.