Derby on paper only ...

Asian bet

Good morning,

In addition to this possible fight, we have selected two very good points which we believe are very likely to lead us to the fund.


PAOK is looking for a reaction following the defeat of 2-0 by Vdi for the Europa League clubs. He will welcome Toumpa to Panathinaikos, who has impressed him, but we haven't seen him in the difficult times yet. We expect there the young players of George Donis to fail to meet the demands of such a match. The ace is given low, but has a very good chance of being confirmed.

Very strong match in Italy, with two of the best Serie A teams. Lazio will host Inter on its home turf in a match where any point is likely. It may not come out of this race, however, but we can bet on goals. Both teams can score, they have quality in their attack and so the goal goal gains value.

Finally, we close our trinity with Bochum's ace against Regensburg. The home side have not started as they would have liked the German Championship, however, they have the chance against the weakest team in Regensburg to get the three points of the victory and come close to the top of the table.


Paok - Panathinaikos
Lazio -Inter
Bochum - Regensburg

G / G