European directives ...

Greek life is a search for life in Europe. To be licensed, to play, and to demand a distinction. Strange. Irrational. Going into the court with loan players and those whom the foreign team does not consider worthy of it ... aspires to be excluded by the local PAE.

What is Greece, what is Europe, not just the ball. Two words about alpha elementary. Sprinkle it evenly and abruptly. We are not Europeans. This is the great and bitter truth that the poop is in fact the way for the Greek FAs to burst not from the main entrance to the reception, called the European Cup, but from the service door, behind. From the back of the building.

We are not Europeans. We do not want to become Europeans. And that would really be a choice, political, cultural, cultural, say the cultists. We do not like Europe. It doesn't suit us. We feel uncomfortable with the European suit. We basically belong to the East, not the West. And here's the mumble. Why do we lie, with shit, want to get into a world with which we refuse to adapt?

What will Europe say? It will say Greece. Europe is the birthplace of Greece. It is a continuation of Greece. Therefore, the Greeks, what is called Greece and Greeks, are not Greeks.

Greece was the culture. The Greeks of classical antiquity did not teach anyone foreign. And why should they? These nonsense about civilization by the Athenians, Alexander. The foreign peoples, formerly unbelievers, former primitives, are the ones who embraced Hellenism. And for the sake of Hellenism, that is to say, the culture of the Greeks, the later European peoples entered History. They opened the door of History.

What will Hellenism say? Simple things. That we cook the food we send to our stomach. We do not eat the raw meat, nor the meat with the hair, as all those who were then told by the English and Germans, the Poles and the Swedes, the Dutch and the Belgians.

Hellenism is not just writing poems and playing theater. Hellenism will say that I wear cloth, not animal skins. That I build houses, temples, gyms, streets, squares. I organize a society, with laws, with parliament, with markets, with academies, with libraries. Hellenism is not sleeping in caves, nor in tree tops, like the ancestors of today's Europeans. And I fight with modern weapons, not axes. With regular army, not in punch.

This was the path of the European. From Greek culture to the culture of ancient Rome and the birth of Europe. And all the work in what is now called Europe, a European spirit, a European way of life, is nothing more than a commitment to the rules.

In Greece, in essence, the state writes the laws on its poppies. It's not like that. The laws are good, very good, the institutions are necessary and respected. No work is done without rules. The words say it all. The Greek words. Rule. It produces the word "normal". In other words, it is not normal, you do not do it normally, if you do not keep pace with the rules.

So FIFA and UEFA come and tell you I exist because some body has to have responsibility and control over the operation of some supranational events. And we make these rules to protect what we want to do.

No, says the Greek. We have a cursive soul. We are Karagioz fans. We do not understand the European directives and the ass of the nine. We are geographically in Europe, much closer to Europe than Kurdistan and Kazakhstan, but first Afghanistan and then Afghanistan will be subjected to culture and Europe.

PAE owes, it is a passive company. We want licensing, though! Let's not justify it. By what logic? The Greek. Anti-European.