The Mick Jagger effect ...

Do Real and Bayern, and not the Rolling Stones, make world championships? Please. Are Messi and Ronaldo gambling and not the big, endless Mick Jagger? The Rolling Stones singer, completing his 75 years. And don't say that singing for half an hour on stage is not as difficult as playing ball.

Mick Jagger is so well-trained that he is able to pull one back up to seven games. So much energy is spent on a body. It's not just about championships. They play other than doping.

Terrible things. For more than half a century, the Rolling Stones have been in burlesque. It was well known in June on 1965 when Satisfaction was released. Awesome! In the foreground of 55 years. And on top! We are talking about something more than a phenomenon. And they are not saying to stop the dudes. Incredible. Amazing. No fear of clashing with their myth. No worries don't lag behind in performance. On the contrary. They play full board games prepared. We said. They are making world championships.

Yes, the subject for research and study. A group of university students to meet Sir Jagger and his teammates and get first-hand information on what they are getting, what they are doing to maintain such a high degree of desire for action, for discernment, and what is the secret of the spiritual. the clarity. We don't know everything. That is?

To tell. Awesome gang of Rolling Stones. Not a team. No relationship between them. Everyone in his world. The fact that they were together from kids until their testicles became yellow, until their hair bleached, does not mean that they were happy. As I say. It has nothing to do with e.g. Charlie Wachs, who is more Tibetan with Mick Jagger, is perhaps the most blasphemous and abusive in his personal life. The lad has done it all. Well, everything. Unfortunate to put a label on it. We're talking about everything, nothing left untouched.

Mick Jagger was born today 26 July, 1943. Beast. How to commute, some life with a declared creepy guy like him. It's impossible to follow the Rolling Stones leader. Utopia to wait for you to come to you, as a friend, as a father, as a partner, as a lover. Man is riding on an unstoppable horse and runs writing the universe.

Lauren Scott. For 13 years, Mick Jagger's girlfriend. Successful in the fashion world, first model, then designer, feminine, 1 m. 92 height, did not stand up and commit suicide, hung 2014. Jaker regretted it and went below. He continued his life, married another, became a father again and is already a great-grandfather.