Absolute stardom ...

I have no problem getting the player on the grassy runway with any headdress he likes. It is a world show now that the ball and the players, rather than the players, are gobbled up by the theatrical figure, as if they are on the field to give their performance. So let's get tattoos, so let's wear earrings, bracelets, Indian baubles. Playing a ball though, not like this Neymar foam solo foam. He's a transvestite, and we didn't take pride in him. Yes, that manifested itself in the Russian world.

I was looking at 1- 1 Brazil - Switzerland and I didn't believe it. The collegiate kid who left Barcelona to escape Messi's shade and in Paris pounding his penalties to compete in scoring Cavani, looked like a scrappy Havanese dancer from a beach disco. Haido was not playing ball. This tunic was not part of the band, the first name of the troupe.

We're serious. The charismatic Neymar had a goal in the Brazilian premiere. How to cross the opponent in order for him to get the clap. Absolute stardom for his team. Elsewhere, Brazil is everywhere.

Track him down on the street and yell at him. He started the tricks, dribbles and shakes, to pass a couple of opponents. And he didn't have a single phase. Why; He was burned by the pressure, the anxiety of personal discrimination and in his poppies the teammates, the team. The gambler, the butcher of the sewing school "Soula", in the alley of Sao Paulo, is so damn good.

Unprecedented. He has not played in a big team. The vendetta puts the ego so brazenly at the expense of the group. Neymar did it. Here the one-sided Ronaldo became a team in Portugal. More and more assists on teammates. The crowd filled the squares to watch Brazil and Neymar and ate the swinging robe on the map. Get lost.

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