The Argentine magician ...

It may take him three years to reach the top, but Lionel Messi is already considered one of the top scorers ever. The tips of Maradona, Saint and the evolution of history.

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Those at Cornella-El Prat on Saturday night (08 / 12) watched two works of art and witnessed a historic appearance. For the first time in his fabulous career, Lionel Messi scored two goals in the same match, with one being a classic left-footer and the other being on the opposite side with one being more beautiful than the other. In the last four years, Argentina have scored in this way more often than teams such as Juventus (18), Real Madrid (14), Chelsea (11) and Liverpool (11) and day by day their performances are nearing perfect. .

At first, under the instructions of Frank Richard, Messi could not ask to send the ball to a team consisting of Ronaldinho and Deco. Along the way, when the two stars left the Camp Nou, Messi became Barca's performer, but had to wait until 2008 to score in a 6-1 against Atletico. A fast-paced foul in which Coupe was still trying to build the wall. It was the only direct goal scored for the 2008-09 season, and the next he made two, one with Almeria and the other with Dynamo Kiev in his first in Europe.

Despite this, this season was significant in raising its level in the fouls, as former Argentine fitness coach Fernando Siniorini told Marca. "Maradona spoke to Messi, telling him not to get his foot out of the ball so quickly." Diego's advice did not immediately improve Messi's productivity from the fouls as 2010-11 achieved one in this way, against Deportivo La Coruna. After 2011, the year he scored 53 and won the second Golden Ball, Maradona's words seemed to put Leo on the right track.

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In addition to the words of the Argentine legend, Messi took countless hours of practice, which helped refine his art. "Yes, he always trains and he always puts them" was the answer of Ernesto Valverde, who was almost ashamed to answer such a question. Leo's focus on foul performances was something he had decided on his own since there was no special training at Masia. But there was a coach, a former 'ours', Guillermo Oio to suggest that everyone perform a ball valve setup on the grass so that it drops sharply after rising from the ground.

The talent, training, advice and experience sent Messi to a dozen goals from a foul from 2011-12 to 2014-15 with some of these goals being crucial. Two against Real in 2012, one in the Champions League against Ajax, as well as three winners at a time when Barcelona won two leagues and wore a European crown. Timbo Curtua, in that crazy side-kick, was Atletico's keeper on 2012 and Messi fell asleep while also scoring at Granada (2013) and Athletic Bilbao (2014).

In all competitions, Messi has reached 20 goals from foul performances in the last four years and this year he has already counted four. Against Alaves, Eindhoven both recently with Espanyol. "When we win a foul, we think in advance how we will celebrate," Ivan Rakitic recently told Argentina, who hit the 2015-16 season 7 twice with a foul, two against Sevilla in the Super Cup, two with Espanyol. one with Celta, Sevilla and Deportivo.

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The following season saw the number of goals reduced to four and it is striking that three of them came up against the same opponent, Athletic Bilbao, while the other was with Villarreal. Fortunately for Barcelona and the fans, Messi's peak did not come back as he put 7 again the following year and the 6 was in La Liga, a performance that put him at No1 in the major European leagues and made the specialist, Andrea Pearl be impressed and call him top.

This year Messi switches to God-mode in terms of fouls. He has already won three in the league in this way and is the player who has put most (27) in the big leagues in the last decade, reaching the conversion-rate of 9%. "There aren't many things you can do, maybe if we tried something different. I don't know, maybe if we didn't use a wall, ”the Espanyol coach said shortly after the two had defeated his team's Argentine legend.

"I try to follow a ritual, I do things the same way if the previous one has gone well," said Messi, who scored 10 goals with a foul inside 2018. It took five years for the Argentine magician to make the first, but today he can be considered one of the best performers of all time. "Now both have come in, other times you hit a lot and no one goes in."